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Monday, February 21, 2011

Is Adventure Travel for you? You may be suprised...

When you hear someone talk about adventure travel, you probably conger up visions of scaling a sheer rock face, rafting through a deep canyon gorge, or hang gliding over a vast expansive landscape.  While you would be correct on all accounts, there is a whole other, tamer side of travel that is also categorized as “adventure”.  While hard adventure travel requires you have a unique skill set, soft adventure travel just requires the desire to pass on the typical tourist spots and step outside your personal comfort zone.  Today, many people are looking for a more authentic vacation.  This trend is making adventure travel one of the fastest growing segments of travel today.  There are many benefits to taking the road less traveled, but mainly, you get to have truly unique experiences that many .  There are always the “must sees” on any excursion, but when I travel, I always attempt to search for an experience that will bring me closer to the culture and further from the overcrowded beaten path.  The world is full of wonderful places for the adventure traveler, and you don’t have to climb Mt. Everest to tap into them.  Test the limits of your comfort and let the adventure take care of itself.
River Crossing outside of Natal, Brasil


  1. Well put Chris. Adventure travel shouldn't scare anyone as there are plenty of levels of adventure to be had!

  2. Adrenaline runs through and you are thinking why didnt i do this sooner that is adventure for you like you said its nothing to be afraid of ,being in the masai mara,mt kenya ,hells gate gorge ,laikipia,turkana,kibera,or thee aberdare ranges and your heart is beating so fast but you dont want to stop thats when you know you got