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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Under this World – Rio Camuy Caves – Puerto Rico

When I decided on vacationing in Puerto Rico a few years back, I immediately started looking for something unique to do. I would definitely hang out in Old San Juan, and Rincon was getting my relaxing time. I needed something else. I kept reading about these huge caves called The Rio Camuy Caves. There was one company that stood out as being organized and very knowledgeable about the caves and just about everything else in the outdoor world of Puerto Rico, Aventuras Tierra Adentro. Aventuras Tierra Adentro is owned and operated by Rossano Boscarino, who promises an intense, genuine, and entertaining adventure.
As I boarded the van for the trip to The Rio Camuy Caves, with the theme to Indiana Jones blaring over the P.A. system, I knew I was in for something great! After gearing up and running through a safety demonstration, we repelled over 250 feet into the huge mouth of the cave. As the light from the surface got smaller and smaller, the real adventure began. We hiked, swam, climbed, slid, ran, and jumped through the darkness, with nothing more than the dim lights atop our helmets showing us the way. The guides shined bright LCD lights on some of the most outstanding formations giving us a glimpse into this strange and unique world. We finally looped back to the original entrance and hiked up from the depths to the van. Exhausted, but thrilled with the sense of accomplishment, I booked Aventuras' Canyoning Tour for the following week right away! Thanks to Rossano, and all of the guides who made this a wonderful experience, in fact, National Geographic chose Aventuras Tierra Adentro’s Rio Camuy Cave Tour as one of the 500 of the World’s Greatest Trips. I certainly understand why.

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